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Welcome to the forefront of personal safety and technological innovation. At 3rd-i, we’re committed to developing solutions that enhance safety for individuals and communities worldwide. Partnering with us opens a gateway to not just safeguarding your audience or patrons but also to elevating your brand’s commitment to well-being. Discover how our collaborations can drive mutual growth and societal impact.

Why Partner with 3rd-i?

Partnering with 3rd-i elevates your brand by aligning it with safety, innovation, and community engagement. Our program offers unique benefits, including brand differentiation, community ties strengthening, and new revenue opportunities through cutting-edge safety solutions. Join our mission to make the world a safer place as a valued partner in our network.

Enhanced Safety Measures

Elevate the safety standards of your environment with our cutting-edge technology.

Positive Brand Image

Align your brand with values of safety, responsibility, and innovation.

Revenue Opportunities

Explore new avenues for revenue through affiliate programs and co-branded solutions.

Partnership Opportunities

For Companies

Elevate your customer experience by offering unparalleled safety solutions. Partnering with 3rd-i not only enhances your brand’s commitment to customer well-being but also sets you apart in the market. From nightlife venues to corporate campuses, our technology provides a safety net, fostering a secure and trusted environment for your patrons and employees alike. Our close collaboration with law enforcement ensures rapid response and support, integrating seamlessly with local safety protocols to offer comprehensive protection and peace of mind.

For Schools

Create a safer learning environment with customizable safety features tailored to the unique needs of educational institutions, including Greek life. Whether it's for students navigating campus after dark, Greek life members attending social events, or faculty managing day-to-day operations, our app ensures peace of mind by enhancing security measures and emergency response capabilities. Partner with us to make safety a cornerstone of your educational mission, providing a secure atmosphere for all members of your campus community.

For Influencers

Use your platform to make a difference by promoting a culture of safety. As a 3rd-i influencer, you have the opportunity to introduce your audience to a tool that can significantly impact their lives. Beyond brand endorsements, this partnership allows you to champion a cause that matters, offering real value to your followers and establishing yourself as a trusted voice in personal safety.

Invest With Us

At 3rd-i, we're pioneering the future of personal safety technology. Our mission is to empower individuals worldwide with innovative solutions that enhance security and peace of mind. By investing in 3rd-i, you're not just supporting a business; you're contributing to a global movement dedicated to creating safer communities. Here’s how your investment can make a difference:

Innovative Technology

Your investment supports the continuous development of our cutting-edge features, including interactive live streaming, cloud storage, AI video summary, and emergency dispatch integration, ensuring we stay at the forefront of safety technology.

Growth and Expansion

With your backing, we can expand our reach, bringing 3rd-i to new markets and demographics, ensuring more people have access to reliable safety tools.

Social Impact

Investing in 3rd-i means investing in a safer future. Our app has the potential to significantly reduce response times in emergencies, save lives, and provide peace of mind to millions.

Licensing Opportunities

Unlock the power of safety and innovation by integrating 3rd-i technology directly into your products and services. Our licensing program allows your company to incorporate our state-of-the-art connectivity and safety solutions into your existing offerings. Whether you're looking to enhance your software with innovative connectivity capabilities or improve your hardware with safety features, our flexible licensing options provide the tools you need to innovate confidently. Partner with us to:

Access Advanced Technology

Seamlessly integrate cutting-edge safety features into your products.


Tailor solutions to meet the specific needs of your customer base.

Support & Development

Benefit from comprehensive support and continuous improvements from our dedicated team.

White-Labeling Solutions

Elevate your brand by offering bespoke safety solutions under your own label. Our White-Labeling service allows you to rebrand our proven technology, making it yours. This partnership is perfect for companies seeking to maintain brand consistency while providing top-tier safety technologies. By choosing our white-label solutions, you can:

Brand Integration

Market our products as your own, aligning with your brand’s values of safety and innovation.

Expand Offerings

Broaden your portfolio with minimal development time and investment.

Market Exclusivity

Stand out in the market by offering unique safety solutions tailored to your clients’ needs.

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Become a Partner

Ready to make a difference? Join us in our mission to enhance safety across the globe. Whether you’re a company, educational institution, or an influencer, there’s a place for you in our partnership program. Apply now and take the first step towards a safer tomorrow.

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