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From Vision to Vital Safety Innovation

Dillon Abend founded 3rd-i Technology Incorporated after personally experiencing the dangers of late-night runs in bear-prone areas of New Jersey. To feel safer, he would call his mom or friends while navigating these stretches, which inspired him to envision an app that could share his location and surroundings in real-time. This idea further evolved during his time at the University of Miami after he discovered the widespread issue of rideshare-related assaults. His focus shifted towards enhancing connectivity and safety for both passengers and drivers, incorporating features tailored to these experiences into 3rd-i. The team soon realized that this software could be used for a multitude of purposes and markets, leading them to extend into the B2B and SaaS business model.

The app’s development benefited from collaboration with influential advisors, including founders and executives from major technology and security companies, as well as feedback from over 50 University of Miami students. Guidance and contributions to the development of 3rd-i include: the Founder of Ring Doorbell, a Co-Founder of Google Drive, Rideshare Founders and CEOs, Wealth Management Founders, Sorority and Fraternity Presidents, ex-Military Personnel, Police Chiefs, Private Security Companies, University Board Members, as well as representatives from NJ Government. These efforts have resulted in over 70 iterations of the app, demonstrating a comprehensive approach to addressing personal security across various scenarios in an interface that users want. 3rd-i now aims to protect and revolutionize connections between users through their 3rd-i App and works with companies to integrate their proprietary software, further elevating their capabilities.

Who can our app help?

Our app is designed to enhance safety and security across various scenarios, ensuring peace of mind for users in diverse environments and can customize your platform. Here's a concise overview:

Rideshare Safety

Catering to both passengers and drivers, the app offers features that enhance safety during rideshare experiences. It helps users feel secure, whether they're behind the wheel or in the passenger seat, by providing tools to report and mitigate risks.

Personal and Employee Safety

This app is a versatile tool for personal safety, useful anytime and anywhere one might feel unsafe or uneasy, such as in unfamiliar environments. It also serves as a crucial resource for business employees, enabling them to check in and out, address work-related issues, and document workplace incidents securely.

Driving and Environmental Awareness

Beyond acting as a digital dashcam for everyday drivers, rideshare operators, and parents monitoring new drivers, the app aids in navigating any unsafe or new surroundings. It encourages a heightened sense of awareness and readiness to respond to potential hazards, making it an indispensable tool for a wide range of users.

Meet the Team

Dillon Abend

The CEO and founder of 3rd-i, is driven by a deeply personal mission to

Natasha Chandler

Bringing a wealth of expertise from her tenure at Merck as an Executive

Alex Paunic

With over 8 years of experience at McAfee as a Distribution Account Manager

Kristin Oppedisano

Utilizing her comprehensive 12-year tenure at American Express,

Joe Petrantoni

Is a seasoned full-stack developer and graduate of the University of Florida

Billy Snider

A diverse background, encompassing roles such as Operations Manager

Matt Tauber

Is an experienced professional in software and hardware development,

Alison Abend

Brings over 30 years of extensive experience in managing data-driven projects,

Harry Zenna

The Sales and Account Manager at 3rd-i is a pivotal role that bridges the company with its clients.
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